Why Vaping is better than smoking – Top 5 Benefits

Why Vaping is better than smoking – Top 5 Benefits

It is not an unknown fact that several smokers try to get rid of the smoking habit. That being said, only a few achieve success while not opting for a substitute. While there is a lot of misinformation about the topic, the Evod vape pen has emerged to be a great way to quit smoking.

Quitting smoking is a great favor you can do for yourself and your health. Nearly 70% of smokers state that they want to quit smoking. Vaping can be a great alternative to be successful at quitting smoking. If you have been thinking of a transition from smoking, shop vape products, it can be a great solution.

Is Vaping less harmful than smoking?

Regular tobacco cigarettes contain almost 7000 types of different chemicals, most of which are toxic and harmful in nature. About vapes and e-cigarettes, Blaha says, “there’s almost no doubt that they expose you to fewer toxic chemicals than traditional cigarettes.” This clearly indicates how vaping is less harmful than smoking, and is a more preferable choice.

According to research conducted by the University of Dundee, UK, there’s a “clear early benefit” in switching from smoking to vaping. This has been deduced from the largest clinical trial to date. According to research conducted and an expert independent evidence review published in Public Health England, it has been stated that the current best estimate is that e-cigarettes are around 95% less harmful than smoking.

All that being said, several other American and other global institutions have been relentlessly conduction=ng researches and some have come up with the benefits of vaping and how it can be effectively used to reduce smoking-related illnesses.

The top 5 benefits of vaping

Vaping has recently gained immense popularity amongst people, ever since its inception and arrival in the market. While people who are trying to quit smoking, find vaping to be a great alternative, vaping has been a great favorite of the younger generation of smokers.

This is due to the several benefits of vaping that a vape enthusiast happens to enjoy. While there is a variety of vaping instruments available in the market, the Evod vape pen has been one of the best and most popular items.

Let’s take a look at the top five benefits of vaping, and why it has become a recent favorite.

Less harmful, better for health

It has been an established fact that vaping is much safer than smoking, and according to various studies and researches, it is way less harmful. It is a perfect alternative for smoking, while also helping one to consume the nicotine, which a smoker might be addicted to.

The burning of tobacco or the use of tobacco products leads to several diseases that can be avoided by switching to a reliable alternative like the Evod vape pen. Nicotine, the key ingredient of vapes, is not known to cause cancer and is also approved to be used in nicotine replacement therapies, such as the patch or nicotine gum.

The Evod vape pen has no combustion, tar, or ash associated with it which helps smokers enjoy a range of health benefits including better oral hygiene, skin health, circulation, lung capacity, and an improved sense of smell and taste. There is also enough evidence about the low risk of smoke-free nicotine from smokeless tobacco.

Affordable, accessible and available

With vaping getting more popular, excellent vapor products like the Evod vape pen have become more accessible and available in the market. There are also several online vape shops that provide a wide variety of vaping products at affordable prices. Vapes are of different kinds, with a variety of features and specifications that you can choose from.

With a wide variety of products, vapes are available at a wide spectrum of prices, for all kinds of budgets. No matter if you want an inexpensive or affordable vape or a more fancy and expensive one, you can get it all. There are vapor products of every price range from inexpensive vape pens to high-grade vape liquids.

Customisable nicotine strength and flavors

A big factor behind the popularity of vapes is the fact that the users can choose the strength or concentration of nicotine as well as flavors. While free base nicotine varies from 0m to 12mg, a more powerful variant, salt nicotine varies from 12mg to 50mg.

Along with nicotine strength, there is a wide range of flavors available, like blue-raspberry ice, double apple, strawberry, etc.

No tar, ash or irritating odor

There’s no obnoxious odor, ash, or tar associated with the use of vapes. They are not irritating to users.

Environment friendly

The Evod vape pen is much friendlier to the environment and people around you with less toxic smoke, ashes, and lingering odor.


All the above points clearly indicate that vaping is a much safer, and less harmful alternative to smoking. If you manage to shop vape products, like the Evod vape pen, you can have an excellent option for people who want to quit smoking.


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