What to Look for a Yoga Teacher Training Program?

What to Look for a Yoga Teacher Training Program?

Yoga teacher training is an inward journey that helps form a deeper connection with the inner-self. It is a stepping stone in the life-enhancing journey of yoga. Yoga teacher training certainly teaches enhanced yoga skills and offers benefits beyond physical training. With the yoga teacher training program, you can grow into the yoga practice, delve deep into the inner-self, step into the expedition of self-discovery, and rejuvenate the body, mind, and soul. But before you commence the journey, it is important to know what all to look for a yoga teacher training program to choose the best.

1. Clear Your Intentions

A yoga teacher training program is a journey of in-depth knowledge, intense learning, self-growth, and self-transformation. Yoga training not just focuses on teaching you the high-end yoga, but also teaches the valuable lesson of life. It is about overall personal growth, building self-confidence, and to gain a better understanding of the Self. It is the beginning of a new life and with all these transformations, you need to know what you actually need to avail these benefits. Ask yourself why you need a yoga teacher training course, and doing so you can get the most out of your YTTC.

2. Pick A Yoga Style

After setting the intentions, it is important to pick the right yoga style. With so many options- Ashtanga, Hatha, Kundalini, Anusara, and many more, it becomes bewildering to choose the right one to focus on your training. So know about your need and choose according to it. If you want to focus on the physical aspect then Ashtanga is for you. Kundalini Yoga focuses on the spiritual awakening, while Hatha is a slow-paced form of Yoga that focuses on bringing peace to the mind, while there are many more styles as per your need.

3. Research The School And Program

A great school and program are necessary to attain a proper professional education of yoga. Begin with a 200 Hour yoga teacher training course for the basic and in-depth education of Yoga Philosophy, Anatomy, Asanas, Pranayama, Adjustment, Alignment, Yoga Ethics, Meditation, Ayurveda, etc. Look for a school and program that teaches these subjects, with sufficient hours of the daily sessions, and less student count for personal attention. Find a school with experience and Yoga Alliance Validation.

4. Know About The Teachers And Trainers

The other point to consider is to know more about your teachers. A great set of faculty works as an asset to a school or institute. Before finalizing the school, look upon the experience and qualification of your teacher. Also, make sure that they are well-trained in the style of yoga you want to learn.

5. Consider Location And Other Facilities

Another important thing to look for is the location. Location plays an important role to have a wonderful yoga teacher training experience. An ambience surrounded by natural beauty and calmness help you to grow deeper into the yoga practice. Learning and practicing yoga in the pristine lap of nature is highly rewarding. But there are people who can’t spare a month-long time for a yoga training program can join nearby yoga training schools. There are many authentic and amazing schools in metro cities to avail the benefits of yoga training. You can look for really good yoga schools and centers for yoga teacher training in Gurgaon, Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore.

6. Have An Affordability Check

Yoga is one inexpensive source to get physically and mentally fit. It is important to check the affordability of the yoga training program and also check what all is included in the fee structure. Set a budget and find accordingly. Make sure the course includes the expense of accommodation, meals, and study material.

A yoga teacher training program is a personal commitment towards transforming your life, finding inner-peace, go deep into the inner layers to connect better with the Self.

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