Understanding Some Grave Health Risks of Sleeping on an Old Mattress

Understanding Some Grave Health Risks of Sleeping on an Old Mattress

You must be aware that about one-third of your life is actually spent in bed and so a mattress is vital to your health and overall well-being. A mattress must be used for roughly 8 years or so and it must be replaced after that otherwise, certain serious health risks would crop up. Some of the short-term effects of sleeping on an old mattress could be ranging from headaches to drowsiness. However, the long-term side effects of sleeping on a really bad mattress would be taking some time to develop and may not be visible immediately such as respiratory, weight, and immune system issues.  A bad mattress not only culminates in a poor sleep quality but may even cause a broad spectrum of negative health issues.

Your mattress is an integral part of your life and it plays a pivotal role in helping you enjoy a good night’s sleep. A mattress could give you a bad sleep experience if it is unnecessarily too soft or too firm, uncomfortable, and not adequately supportive. It is high time you know the serious health risks involved in sleeping on a bad mattress. Take a look at some of the most common health issues associated with sleeping on an old and overused mattress.


You would be experiencing poor sleep quality because of an uncomfortable mattress. As such, you would wake up feeling drowsy and really tired. If a bad mattress prevents you from getting sound sleep at night, it is natural for you to feel forever exhausted and this would, in turn, affect adversely on the level of alertness and productivity throughout the next day. Your job efficiency level is sure to get negatively impacted. You may buy a mattress after considering many factors and following an expert advice by browsing the Internet and going through Real Mattress review’s comparison.

Chronic Back Pain

A number of things could be triggering a back pain right from joint issues to sports injuries. However, did you know that a bad mattress could compel you to sleep in an abnormal posture that may strain or twist your back? If you require twisting awkwardly in order to sleep comfortably at night, it would prove to be injurious to your health and you would ultimately develop chronic lower back pain. You may opt for a soft yet firm and supportive mattress that allows your body maximum comfort while sleeping on your side or on your back.


Those individuals who are used to erratic sleep could face the risk of getting obese. When you are unable to have a sound sleep at night, you tend to toss and turn and remain awake at night. The lack of energy, the overall drowsiness, and the sleep deprivation could lead to overeating. Hence, unexplained obesity. If during the daytime, you are feeling hungrier than usual and eating more without increasing your activity level, it is quite clear that your mattress is the culprit. After retiring to bed every night, you must fall asleep within half an hour or so. If you tend to remain awake for hours after going to bed, consider buying a new mattress.

Throat Irritation & Lung Issues

Your old mattress is the ideal breeding ground for dust mites and bedbugs. Dust mites could be leading to several respiratory and skin issues including eczema, sore throat, and even asthma. If your mattress and pillows are really old, consider replacing them for your health and happiness.


We could discuss only some of the health issues associated with an old mattress. There are multiple health risks that are actually triggered by an old mattress including weak immune system, premature aging, memory issues, reduced libido, and joint soreness among many others. So consider getting a new mattress to get rid of all these health issues and for enjoying a healthy existence.

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