South Africans are enjoying the health benefits and enhanced flavours of Green tea in lockdown

South Africans are enjoying the health benefits and enhanced flavours of Green tea in lockdown

For centuries, Green tea has been a dominant refreshment in China and India, but it’s only fairly recently that this healthy beverage has found popularity across the globe. The nationwide lockdown period has seen quite a spike in the consumption of Green tea within South Africa, with many drawn to the significant health benefits inherent in this ancient tea.


“We’ve noticed an interesting trend in the emergence of Green tea drinkers among our South African consumers, particularly as the lockdown has progressed,” explained Candice Sessions, Marketing Manager for Joekels, makers of the top-selling Tetley Green Tea. “People are much more conscious about the products they are consuming – particularly at this time – and many are turning to the antioxidant-rich Green Tea as a refreshing beverage option. It’s a proactive health choice.”


Shaa’ista Kathree, a Durban-based influencer, is one such South African with a real love for Green tea: “I’ve always been a ‘Green tea’ girl, and with the taste and health benefits I’m now a ‘Tetley Green Tea’ girl. Green tea can improve your mood, which is reason enough for me to get in my daily cup!”


Another prime example is that of Durban-based model and actress, Carol Mkhize. Passionate about promoting health and fitness to her audiences, Mkhize said she considers Green tea her preferred beverage for a healthy start: “I drink a cup of Tetley Mint Green tea every morning to improve my digestion and to boost my morning workouts.”


There has been extensive research conducted into the benefits of Green tea and, alongside the enhanced digestion and increased energy, Green tea is also believed to:


•  Reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease

•  Lower ‘bad’ cholesterol

•  Reduce the risk of strokes

•  Treat inflammation and certain skin conditions

•  Enhance cognitive functions


The smooth-tasting Tetley Green Tea is made from unfermented Camellia sinensis leaves. Because they are unfermented, the tea leaves retain a lot of their natural health benefits. Tetley’s Green tea range also offers a number of refreshing flavours, including the fresh Tetley Mint-flavoured Green tea, the zesty Tetley Lemon-flavoured Green tea and the aromatic Tetley Apple-flavoured Green tea.


Interested in trying Green tea, but not sure where to start? Why not give Carol Mkhize’s Apple Green Tea Sorbet a try!


Carol Mkhize’s Recipe Pick: Tetley Apple Green Tea Sorbet


Tetley Apple Green Tea Sorbet



•  1 1/2 cups water

•  1 Tbsp honey

•  1 tsp sugar

•  10-15 mint leaves

•   5 Tetley Apple-flavoured Green Tea bags

•   1 lemon



1. Crush the mint leaves using a mortar and pestle – add a teaspoon of sugar and crush together until the sugar is evenly crushed and the oils have released from the leaves.

2. Combine the honey and water in a small saucepan, then bring to a boil stirring until the honey is dissolved.

3. Once the water is boiling, add the crushed mint leaves to the water and leave to boil for a minute or two longer.

4.  Remove saucepan from the heat and add the Tetley Apple Green Tea bags.

5.  Let the mixture steep for 10 – 15 minutes, then remove the tea bags with a slotted spoon.

6. Squeeze the juice of one lemon into the tea solution and stir to combine, then pour the solution into a large Ziploc bag.

7.  Place it in the freezer for a half hour, then give the bag a squeeze.

8. Place back in the freezer for another half hour and give it another squeeze. The mixture should be slushy like sorbet – if not place back in the freezer for another half hour.

9.  Squeeze it one more time, then serve garnished with fresh mint leaves and ENJOY!


For more information about Joekels’ products as well as some more delicious Green tea recipes, visit or @TetleyTeaSA on Facebook and Instagram.


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