Significance Of Kundalini Yoga And Its Benefits For Addicted People

Significance Of Kundalini Yoga And Its Benefits For Addicted People

Yoga is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways to refresh and strengthen both mind and body. It can provide essential tools and skills to succeed in the recovery, besides promoting emotional and spiritual growth. 

One such effective yoga practice is Kundalini Yoga meant to help the society from addictions such as alcohol and drugs. 

 People familiar with Yoga practices would surely have gone through the term “Laya Yoga” or “Yoga of Awareness.” Kundalini yoga is also one form of Laya Yoga, and both of them are meant to awaken the serpent energy.  “Laya” refers to Dissolution, extinction, and absorption, whereas Kundalini means circular. 

Kundalini is denoted as a coiled serpent in Yoga books.  This yoga form was first brought to the West by a famous personality, “Yogi Bhajan.” Since then, this yoga has helped millions of people to heal from addictions and make a strong connection between body, mind, and soul. 

Extremely helpful benefits for addicted people

  • Stress control: – One of the most common reasons people get into addiction is stress. Most addicted people have either the reason for mental stress or physical stress to start consuming things that lead to addiction.

Yoga is one of the most renowned ways to control stress and build a spiritual connection between body, mind, and soul. But, Kundalini Yoga is a step ahead of all other forms. 

 It can reduce the elevated cortisol level and help the addicted person learn to regulate stress. This will lead to better sleeping patterns and relaxation, as well.  

  • Control on emotions: – Kundalini Yoga is highly effective in dealing with profoundly troubling emotions such as anger, sadness, disappointment, frustration, etc. 

This helps improve emotional regulation and self-compassion, thus improving professional performance, interpersonal relationships, and happiness.

  • Rejuvenating Willpower: – One of the essential factors that can fasten the recovery is strong willpower. Kundalini Yoga teaches you to strengthen your willpower and overcome mental struggles.

Consequently, the daily practice of Kundalini Yoga can help you develop the ability to resist temptations and cravings from alcohol or drugs. This helps in a successful recovery. 

  • Establishing connect between body and mind: – If you are addicted for several years, then it is most likely that you have been neglecting your health. Practicing Kundalini Yoga will have a significant impact on your physical health.

It can help in releasing toxins from the lungs, enhancing endurance, increasing oxygen flow to the brain, and boosting the immune system.

  • Building spirituality: – Spirituality is the most powerful force to break the addiction cycle. It has helped millions of people all across the globe through the recovery process. Spiritual practice can also develop a connection between the body and the inverse, resulting in positive and healthy lives.

However, you must prefer an efficient and most favorable training center, which ensures recovery direct in cape town. A well trained, skilled, and experienced yoga professional can help you get rid of addiction better than using random chemicals from the market. Moreover, Kundalini Yoga practice is also known for providing permanent solutions from addictions. 

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