Review Shows Tactical Smartwatch Better To Wear During CoronaVirus Pandemic

Review Shows Tactical Smartwatch Better To Wear During CoronaVirus Pandemic

The current CoronaVirus pandemic is a main cause for concern for most people who have anything to do outside their homes. For those of us who are used to walking or commuting to work every day, every passing stranger is now a threat to our health. However, the key to staying safe in the era of Covid19 is detecting our symptoms early and getting tested. Something as simple as a smartwatch can help us keep track of our health and slow the infection rate.

Unfortunately, we’ve seen that even a country as powerful as the USA has trouble testing everyone for the virus. A smartwatch that can measure our heart rate and keep bacteria away may be the key to survival. For example, a quick read through a T1 Tact Watch Review [read here] tells us that this watch can do just that. The advantage of having a smartwatch like the T1 is that it is able to track our movements and can display our body stats. Although, some may be wondering how exactly this type of watch can help us fight against a virus nobody can see.

Time to Watch Our Health

A smartwatch can help us identify symptoms of a possible Covid19 infection, but how can we prevent the infection in the first place? It turns out that exercise is one of the most effective ways to fight off any infection. The same T1 Tact Watch Review shows that this smartwatch has a pedometer with on-screen display. The various displays include step counter, calories burned, and distance ran. This is a great way to stay in shape and track our progress, so we don’t let down our guard.

A smartwatch with internet and Bluetooth access can also be incredibly helpful during this time. For example, it is difficult to stay up to date on the latest news concerning this pandemic. We mostly rely on news from social media to see main headlines about where Covid19 is present. The watches can connect to our social media accounts and display this vital information, and we can access it anywhere we go.

Tracking the Virus

Recently, Germany announced it wants to track the CoronaVirus using smartwatches. It currently has over 103,000 cases but has maintained a low-death rate compared to other countries. And while screening is going on, there is still a need to know who is infected so they can stop it from spreading. Using data collected from these watches, they will be able to measure who is sick and where they are. Lothar Wieler from the Robert Koch Institute commented on how this would work:

“If the sample is big enough to capture enough symptomatic patients, that would help us to draw conclusions on how infections are spreading and whether containment measures are working.”

However, collecting all this data won’t be a simple task. People have to agree to share their stats with these companies, but there are also other ways. For example, a Healthtech startup from Berlin called Thryve created The Corona Data Donation App. Their hope is that people will download it and share information such as age, sex, and other basic data. But this comes at a time when many people fear that this type of surveillance will persist long after the pandemic ends.

To keep ourselves active and able to battle the CoronaVirus, we need to be able to measure our progress. Our immune system depends on constant activity, which is why having a pedometer on your wrist is very efficient. To see all the other functions of a watch like this, check out a T1 Tact Watch Review. Now more than ever we need to take our health into our own hands, or for that matter, into our own wrists.


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