Jumpstart your emotional wellbeing with Mygrow

Jumpstart your emotional wellbeing with Mygrow

Many South Africans are still working from home under the restrictions of level 3 lockdown and some people are dealing with the reality of losing their sources of income, it is unknown what the mental health impact of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) might be on individuals.

A team led by Dr Maria Loades, Clinical Psychologist from the Department of Psychology at the University of Bath, established how loneliness and disease containment measures could impact the mental health of both children and adolescents.“Children and adolescents are probably more likely to experience high rates of depression and probably anxiety during and after enforced isolation ends. This may increase as enforced isolation continues. Clinical services should offer preventative support and early intervention where possible and be prepared for an increase in mental health problems,” the authors wrote.

Mygrow is an online personal development platform, focusing on Emotional Intelligence development. The challenge includes practical, inspiring daily tasks where participants would have to commit themselves fully to see results. Mygrow offers the Mygrow’s 30 Day Wellbeing Jumpstart Challenge to help individuals cope with the challenges of the pandemic.

According to Mygrow, over the last 25 years, research has shown Emotional Intelligence to be the most significant contributor towards personal success and well-being.“A set of skills that make people great at managing themselves and interacting with others. Resulting in more effective leadership, relationships, stress management, decision making, productivity and individual well-being,” said Mark Baker, CEO of Mygrow.

The challenge starts on the 19th of Jul 2020

To register, visit the link: https://app.mygrow.me/30-day-challenge-registration/.

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