Clove oil helps toothache: How to use it and it’s benefits.

Clove oil helps toothache: How to use it and it’s benefits.


Commonly used as a spice, clove buds are plants that are used for culinary, medicinal, and other traditional uses.

To cut the hassle of grinding clove buds in needs of urgency, today, we have clove oil, which has all the essential oils – acetyl eugenol, crategolic acid, gallotannic acid, caryophyllene and vanillin, for the culinary and medicinal needs. Clove oil is the extracted, concentrated product from the plant itself.

The essential oils constituted in the clove buds or the clove oils are :

  1. Eugenol – the essential oil that composes 72-90% of the essential oils extracted from the cloves, and is responsible for the clove aroma.

  2. Beta-caryophyllene and vanillin – the essential oils which are the flavoring agents, or responsible for adding flavor to clove based products and eateries.

  3. Gallotannic acid – acts as a natural clarifying agent, colour stabilizer and taste enhancer.

  4. Terpenoids – also known as isoprenoids contribute to the scent development of the cloves.

  5. Flavonoids – performs actively against organisms that cause plant diseases.

Apart from the essential oils, clove oils also constitute antioxidant and anti-ageing properties giving them a medicinal worth. Furthermore, it also provides potassium, manganese, iron, selenium, magnesium, Vitamins (A,C,K) and beta-carotene levels.


One of the most unsettling pain for a person could be a toothache, and no matter how one tries to stay distracted, there are no ends to the annoyance it could bring.

Apart from long dental processes, there are still amendments one can do to cure or atleast soothe this pain at home. The forever-trusted home remedy for toothache is clove oil.

Clove buds-and-oil used widely in toothpastes for the teeth care department is a root example of the trust science, medicine, and professionals put in it.

While it is an ancient and authentic cure, it is always good to know we need clove oil and its essentials in our teeth-care zone :

  1. Reducing toothache – Cloves numbs the skin it touches hence it helps in soothing/numbing tooth pain, making it a helpful home remedy in times of urgency.

  2. Preventing infections – Having high medicinal value, clove oil acts as a responsible agent against any and all teeth infections with its anti-oxidant and anti-septic properties.

  3. Reducing inflammation – The anti-inflammatory properties (flavonoids) in the clove oil helps easing inflammation and further gives a cooling effect.

Apart from the teeth-ful needs, clove oil is also used :-

– treating indigestion,
– improving skin health,
– treating nausea,
– easing headache,
– fighting cough and cold, and
– building immunity.


  • Use clove based toothpastes as they are a reliable supporter of teeth.

  • Gently apply clove oil in case of a toothache. In cases of toothache, dip a clean tissue or a cotton ball into the oil and wipe it over the gums at the point of the pain, and give a few minutes to dominate the infection.

  • Apart from oil, one can also put a whole clove bud on the affected area, further numbing the pain.

  • Use clove-bud or oil wisely, under limit (not applying too much or too often), until you can get dental help for toothache.


The clove buds or clove oils can be easily accessed via supermarkets, health food stores and drugstores.

The prices and availability makes them an easy-to-go for product for reliable attention and solution.

Clove oil, ergo, even if not clarifies being a widely known herb, successfully clarifies in being an unfailing mundane word.

Vivek Roy is a trained natural cosmetic practitioner and blogger from India. He loves to write about natural & healthy ingredients and share the knowledge around the world. For more information about him visit his Luxury Ayurveda Beauty Store.

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