A Complete Guide To Egg Retrieval Process For IVF

A Complete Guide To Egg Retrieval Process For IVF


The doctors at one of the Best IVF Hospital in India; International Fertility Centre (IFC) declare that the outcome of the IVF procedure considerably depend on the egg retrieval process and the quality of an egg. So, for the egg retrieval, the doctor must handle his medicinal system properly along with delivering proper advice to the patient.

So, if you are undergoing the IVF procedure, it is essential that you pay attention to the Egg Retrieval process and know all the facts related to the same. The write-up below covers all the crucial considerations for the IVF egg retrieval process for a patient.

Egg Retrieval During IVF: Important Things To Consider

Egg retrieval is essential for In-Vitro Fertilisation as the procedure is performed in the laboratory. First, the quality of the egg is analysed to ensure that the eggs are fit for fertilisation. If the ovulation is not proper, the doctors provide you with multiple injections. This medical assistance is to ensure the quality of the egg, and also induce a reliable ovulation process, that is consistent.

Along with the quality of eggs, the number of eggs is also crucial for fertilisation. The process of egg retrieval is initiated, right before the ovulation process. The doctor determines the number of eggs they would remove, time and date for the extraction of eggs, and also the care to be taken by the patient.

While the patient is suggested for the egg retrieval process, the necessary input and preparation include:

  • Following the eating schedule as guided by the doctor
  • Avoiding to eat rough or junk food or outside food eight to ten hours before the procedure
  • Saying no to the consumption of alcohol and smoking, it may never support the quality of an egg
  • Stopping the Use of:
    • Makeup
    • Hair products full of chemicals
    • Perfumes
    • Body lotions
    • Body massages other than an oil massage
    • Deodorants
    • Nail polish and other products that might induce undesired outcomes in your body.
  • Making exercise a part of your daily schedule
  • Not doing anything that might lead to an excessive increase in your weight
  • Seeking proper rest
  • Taking all the drugs and medicines on time
  • Avoiding any of the rigorous physical activities
  • Following a standard sleeping pattern, that might include a minimum of 7 hours of sleep
  • Maintaining the work life balance, stress and pressure is not a healthy indication when you are preparing for egg-retrieval
  • Following all the instructions of the doctor.

Final Words:

When you are seeking medical assistance for your pregnancy, doing anything that is not recommended by the doctor is not advisable. Both the men and women need to mind their actions while preparing for IVF; else it can considerably affect the quality of eggs and the sperm. Not only you spoil your medical condition by not sticking to a disciplinary life, but you also increase the Total Cost of IVF treatment in India. It is because the doctors first need to idealise the patient for the treatment, and then make further proceedings. It will lead to considerable add on to the price of the overall procedure.

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