Top Benefits of Glo for Seniors

Top Benefits of Glo for Seniors

Participating in yoga is not an activity designed only for specific ages; the benefits allow people across the generations to participate in an activity that stimulates both physical and emotional health. Whether you are a senior or you are trying to convince elderly family members to participate in this activity, understanding the reasons for choosing Glo can act as the catalyst for the final decision.


Yoga for seniors through Glo is wise because the program is accessible. For a number of reasons, seniors may not have the ability to leave the house to attend a program at the local community center. Some may lack the ability to drive, and others may simply have discomfort about participating in a new activity in front of a group of strangers. With Glo, individuals can reap the benefits of healthy yoga from the comfort of their own homes. This yoga for seniors brings instruction into wherever the individuals are happy. For example, they may choose to practice yoga in the den or even out on the patio. Another positive is that relatives can come over and participate in yoga with them. Together, the family can develop stronger bonds over this activity.

Various Levels

Yoga for seniors can cause some individuals to feel a bit intimidated, especially when they have shied away from the gym for a long time or when they have never taken a yoga class before. Glo’s yoga for seniors makes sense because all different levels are available. For example, some seniors may consider themselves experienced in the art of yoga, and they could potentially start with an intermediate or advanced program. On the other hand, people who have never taken yoga before or have dabbled in only a few classes can select one of the beginner programs tailored to their needs. Glo’s various levels also assist in helping participants to gauge where they are. In other words, seniors can feel a sense of completion when they move on to a higher level.


Progressing to another level to build confidence is just one of the rejuvenating benefits associated with yoga for seniors. This program can help individuals to feel better about themselves physically and emotionally. From a physical fitness standpoint, yoga can potentially help individuals to tone their bodies, feel more energy and to lose weight. Simply participating in a healthy physical activity can help people to feel good about their bodies. As individuals age, they may sense that they have lost some of the energy and alertness of their youth; by participating in yoga, they might regain these positive feelings. Of course, consulting with a doctor is absolutely necessary in developing a plan to optimize physical health.

As far as mental and emotional wellness go, yoga can aid here too. Glo provides both meditation and yoga, and these activities often help individuals to center themselves and to find greater clarity in their minds. When they enter into this space of relaxation, they may find a passion for hobbies and interests that they thought were otherwise long gone. Participating in yoga and meditation can also help seniors to feel more connected, whether these connections are with themselves or the world around them. Simply taking some classes with Glo can help seniors to find a whole new chapter of life filled with joy and excitement.

Glo is a program that offers benefits to a multitude of individuals, and seniors should not feel as though they are precluded from the program. By signing up, they can find a level that is suitable for them, practice in the comfort of their own homes and gain multiple benefits.

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