The Benefits of Surya Namaskar Yoga

The Benefits of Surya Namaskar Yoga

It’s midnight. You are reviewing how your day went and you are highly disappointed. You had planned so many things– reach office on time, set up your wardrobe, complete pending notes and make some time for meditation, but none happened. You vow to do better the next day, but the subsequent day brings more of the same. Does this sound familiar? We all are stuck in the usual drill of life. We all plan to do things with good intention but end up with disappointment.

Generally, we can’t control what goes in the middle of the day. However, we can surely control the effects of these on our body and mind. There are so many ways to get rid of the daily rut in order to progress towards a better version of yourself. But, let’s talk about the very best– begin your day with Surya Namaskar.

Incorporating Surya Namaskar in your daily routine can do wonders to evolve you as a better person and help you keep the priorities of your life intact. By merely syncing your daily cycle with solar cycle improves your creativity, increases intuitive abilities, develops confidence, and enhances leadership skills. The salutation to the sun improves overall physical, mental and spiritual well-being of a practitioner. It rejuvenates the entire body of an individual. The wonderful practice of asanas, breathing techniques detoxifies the body resulting in glowing skin, weight loss, etc. It harmonizes and synchronizes the mind-body complex.

Benefits of Sun Salutation series are manifold. We have summed up a list for you to have a look at some of the major advantages:

1. Healthy and Glowing Skin: Practice Surya Namaskar yoga to enhance your beauty. The practice of yoga asanas makes a practitioner sweat profusely which eliminates sufficient amount of waste products, accumulated toxins from the skin. It prevents pimples, pigmentation, boils on the skin. Therefore, sun salutation series enhances your beauty, and grants you with fair, glowing skin.

2. Prevents Hair Fall: The main concern for many of us is hair fall. Several yoga asanas such as mountain pose, forward bend pose increases the blood circulation in the scalp region, thus preventing hair fall and greying of hair.

3. Effective in Weight Loss: Shed excess fat from the body through the practice of Surya Namaskar sequence daily. It is efficacious in reducing fat from the stomach. All the yoga poses practice involves stretching and twisting of the body which is useful in weight loss.

4. Improves Digestion: The regular practice stretches and compresses the body organs, including the stomach. It helps in removing waste products from the body, stimulates the peristalsis function of intestines, thereby, improving the digestive system for better functioning.

5. Improves Kidney Functions: The consistent practice increases the blood supply as well as blood circulation to other body parts. It also encourages proper filtration of the blood through organs. This improves the functioning of the kidney.

6. Improves muscle flexibility: The practice of yoga asanas stretches and strengthens the muscles. It loosens up the stiff muscles. The expansion and contraction of muscles redirects the impure blood to the kidneys helping them purify the blood.

7. Good for Heart: The practice removes waste from the body, ensures proper supply of blood, oxygen, and nutrients to the heart and other body parts. This, in turn promotes the efficient functioning of the heart.

Surya Namaskar yoga comes with innumerable benefits. Practice sun salutation series on regular basis and lead an invigorating life.

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