How to Maintain Your Yoga Practice While Traveling?

How to Maintain Your Yoga Practice While Traveling?

If you are a yogi and a globetrotter both, then it is a completely understood fact that how troublesome it is to maintain your yoga practice whenever there is any kind of hassle in your traveling episode.

It can be anything starting from delay in plane or train timings, not finding a proper hotel to airport lounges and busy meetings with clients. All these seem to be extreme havoc with your yoga sessions when you are in a move!

Still, if you act a bit smart and know how to manage yourself as well as your time then everything will definitely turn out to be easy for you. Certainly, yoga will be possible for you!

Want to know how? Then just take a glance over some effective ways to do the same. I am sure you will find these potent enough.

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When you are planning a vacation or business trip, then just don’t hop into the destination one fine day. Instead, do some proper and fruitful research about the place priorly regarding whether there are any public classes available for yoga or not.

Also, you can look for a local studio and even you should keep in mind that many hotels and spas offer soothing yoga classes to their guests. So, don’t forget to look into these facilities in a hotel or the holiday destination before planning your next caravan.

Well, it might not be possible for you to go for the hour-long yoga sessions when you are traveling but you should go for it even when you get 10-15 minutes of free time. Of course, a little yoga is better than no yoga. Right?


So, don’t panic if you are not able to maintain your normal yoga schedule. Rather, decide on a realistic and achievable time period for which you can continue doing yoga everyday and stick to the same no matter how busy is the day for you.

If you make such a small commitment for the first time then it will help you to do the same as a routine wherever you will go further and how long your future trips will be! You will be always focused as you go!

Yes! An extra hotel towel will surely work for you. You don’t need a mat always! A scarf can act as good as a strap! So, don’t make such excuses for not doing yoga when you are traveling. Yoga doesn’t need a lot of amenities and special environments. You just need to show up and practice.

The fantastic fact about Yoga is that it can be a done anytime, anywhere! So, whether you are inside or outside, in the city or on the beach, yoga can be done everywhere! There is no excuse. Thus, show the determination and do your yoga during your every trip.

  • Go for Creative Yoga Practices


Remember, you are traveling!! So, you will definitely not have a lot of time in your hand. In such a scenario, consider doing such varieties of yoga which can be done easily and quickly.

Probably, you might not be familiar with chair yoga or certain breathing exercises but when you are traveling then you should surely go for the same. Traveling is full of ‘in-hurry’ and awaiting moments. So, don’t forget to remain prepared for using that time with such creative yoga practices.

So, no more panicking and ‘NO, NO!!’ claims for yoga while you are out for a holiday. Just follow these tips and you will be able to do your yoga, feel lively and energetic, and make the most out of your trip like never before.

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