How to lose 20 pounds in 2 months ( The Secret is revealed now)

How to lose 20 pounds in 2 months ( The Secret is revealed now)

Everyone feels like it is taking freaking forever to drop the weight. How to lose 20 pounds in 2 months? It seems impracticable, but a lot of people have done. By following a workout plan and a strict diet, you can achieve the goal. A healthy amount of weight to lose in a week would be 1-2 pounds per week. You can increase this to 2.5 pounds per week with a little bit more effort.

You’re not doomed to love tight jeans forever.

Weight loss does not always happen in a linear fashion. In one week you have lost 2.5 pounds, and then in the next week, you have only lost 1 pound. It does not mean that the goal you have set is not achievable. You need a well-planned diet along with the information and ability to remain in a caloric deficit.

How long it takes to lose a given amount of weight depends on different factors such as health conditions, sleep, and stress levels, how much weight you need to lose and whether you have lost weight before?

How many calories to lose 20 pounds?

When it comes to losing weight, it is not just a matter of looking better. It is the matter of your life and health. You may have stumbled upon a successful fat-to-fit story on social media. If that person can do, you can do too!

In order to burn one pound fat, you need to consume 3500 calories fewer than you burn. It means you want to lose 20 pounds in 2 months; you have to burn 70000 extra calories. It is the deficit of 1150 calories per day which may seem a lot to you.   The National Institutes of Health says never go below 1000 to 12000 calories daily if you are a lady and the men should not go below 1200 to 1600 calories daily. The quickest way to land yourself in this calorie deficit is through a combination of diet and exercise because:

  • A clean diet reduces the overall caloric intake
  • Exercise burns fat and boosts your metabolism

When there is less calorie intake, your body does not have anything to store as fat. When you put exercise and clean diet together your goal of losing 20 pounds becomes achievable.

How to lose 20 pounds weight in 2 months:

Here are a few other steps involved in losing 20 pounds in 8 weeks:

It is highly essential to keep yourself motivated to achieve the goal of losing weight. If you are still not clear from where to start then, you should consult a dietician or trainer who can help you create a meal plan for eight weeks. It is highly recommended not to do it without a professional’s supervision because cutting 20 pounds weight in two months needs to cut down lots of calories.

To keep track of your calorie intake, you can download an app or simply write it down on a notebook. It means you have to keep a record of everything you eat in a day.

  • Eliminate processed food:

Try to exclude processed food from your diet as much as you can. Cook food on your own that will help you know what you are eating. Avoid sugar and fats and add more fibers in your diet. Also, have more protein in your diet that boosts your metabolism and helps you feel full.

  • Eat smaller but frequent:

Dieting does not mean starving yourself. So eat small meals and do snacks in between. It will prevent the blood sugar from dropping and will also help with brain conditioning.

  • Exercise is the key to fineness success:

Exercise makes your metabolism faster and builds your muscles for strength. It enhances the blood circulation as well. It is always helpful to sign up with a personal trainer as he/she can better tell you what type of aerobics and exercises will help you meet your weight goals.

Losing 20 pounds in 8 weeks in a pretty rapid process but never expect the result on the very first day.  Keep reading the successful weight loss stories to keep yourself motivated. After 2 months you will fit into your favorite gown you want to wear on prom night.

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