How to Find Best Yoga Classes in Delhi?

How to Find Best Yoga Classes in Delhi?

The capital of India, Delhi is known for many things including its historical sightseeing, street food, cultural diversity, great range of cafes, Nightlife, etc. But yoga is offered to Delhi as a legacy from its ancestors. Located in the North of India, Delhi is relatively close to Rishikesh, the ‘yoga capital of the world’. One can find many yoga schools in and around Delhi and the NCR region. The growing craze for becoming healthy and spiritually awakened has brought many old and new yoga schools and studios into the limelight. More and more people are looking for these classes and even people who are visiting Delhi for a few days enroll for a few sessions. However, yoga classes in Delhi are not limited to just studios, people conduct these sessions in the parks, theatres, and various other venues as well. Whether you are looking for yoga classes in south Delhi or north, we can assure you that you will be able to find one in every direction.

Here is a small guide to find the best yoga classes in Delhi:

‘Word of Mouth’ Approval

With the soaring number of capital’s population, chances are anyone visiting this place will have either an acquaintance or a relative staying here. And we can bet they have tried their hands at some sort of yoga. The easiest way to find the best yoga classes in Delhi is to go by the word of approval. A friend or a family member who has already worked with a teacher on a personal visit or has been to a studio will list down the pros and cons of not only working with a specific teacher, but will also be able to tell which form and kind of yoga are better. Most of the Delhites are enticed towards yoga classes in East Delhi or south Delhi by the word of mouth.

Personal visit

If word of mouth approvals are not enough for you, there is always the option of personally visiting the studios and getting to know the place. Even if you are living in the farthest of places from the center, you will still be able to find a good yoga class in Delhi. A personal visit will allow you to talk to the teacher, attend a trial class (which are usually free of cost), look at the infrastructure, understand the theme and style of yoga being taught, and get to know the people attending the classes. It’s always better to go to the studio and attend a class than to just listen about it and sign up blindly.

Raid the Internet

In the modern world, the Internet is the reservoir of all knowledge possible and without this digital experience, it is not humanly possible to get to know about everything. All kinds of events, festivals, and yoga classes in Delhi are all featured on different sites. If the Delhi heat is bothering you and you want to shortlist some close by studios before going in person, look no further. Simply switch on a laptop and search for the great yoga studios around you. Another advantage Internet offers you is the opinion of knowing what other yogis and practitioners think about a particular school and may be even about a teacher. These reviews will further help you in finalizing the most suited yoga class for your requirement.

These three ways can be very helpful in reaching your goal of finding the best yoga classes in Delhi. If you still find yourself thinking whether or not yoga is for you, we would say yoga is for everybody and all those who have not tried yoga are missing out on something great in their lives.

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