Best Cardio Machine to Lose Weight At Home

Best Cardio Machine to Lose Weight At Home

If you are looking for ways to exercise at home, using cardio-related equipment, we are here for you. Next, we will give you the ideas you need to start working out at home and most importantly, the number of calories you will burn.

Everyone knows that staying fit could be challenging because there are many distractions and merely not enough time to go to the gym and work out. Luckily, you will not even have to leave your house to do these cardio workouts. In addition, many of these machines featured here almost do your work for you, like the treadmill and exercise bike.

Among all the sports that you could do at home, we recommend you start doing cardio because it is the fastest way to burn fats and stay fit.

In fact, it has some serious health benefits like better blood flow because it gets your heart rate up and you will not only be losing weight but also stay healthy.

You must be careful because most manufacturers intentionally exaggerate the number of calories you are burning on their machines because they want to make their products seem more effective. What you should consider when you are investing in one is how much effort you are willing to put in the exercise in order to burn your unwanted fats.

So in what machine should you invest for a good cardio? We have some options for you but if you want results, you should not only buy it but also work out on it.

Exercise Bike

Unlike riding a bike and using the movement produced to do all the hard work for you, the exercise bike requires a lot more.

The machine you could take at home is the exercise bike, a simple looking product but with various customization options. Its popularity has increased over time, thanks to its proprieties and its ease of use, although it is only a low-impact machine.

This device lets you choose whatever position you feel comfortable adopting in order to increase the power of the exercise.

On average, with its help, you can burn around 1000 calories in one hour of correct workout.

Rowing Machine

Best Cardio Machine to Lose Weight At Home
Best Cardio Machine to Lose Weight At Home

You should go for this exercise if you worked hard on another machine the day before and want to take it slowly. It is a great way to work the important muscles of the body.

You will have to have patience until you get the hang of it, but once you do, it is a great way to burn those bad calories. While working on a rowing machine you could lose around 1000 calories after just one hour.

As one of the most recommended workout machines, the rowing machine tones your muscles as well as puts low pressure on your legs. Do not be afraid of the size, because it can be folded easily thanks to its compact properties.

Recumbent Bike

One way to work out if you are in the senior category is doing your exercises on the recumbent bike.

This is a simple exercise- you just lay back and let the legs do the workout for you. Unlike a classic bike where you are forced to take an upstanding position, here you have a special place for your back and buttocks.

Most of these bikes include many aerodynamic advantages and come available in different options including a combination of wheel sizes or no hands steering.


These machines have been a part of the fitness routine for a long time now, but since then they have suffered some much-needed upgrades like magnetic belts that help the user with the heart rate monitoring.

Working on a treadmill can only be done in combination with a proper diet, and in front of your TV. The effort you put into the exercise should be average and increased just over some time. Think about it- the longer you use the treadmill the better your body will burn fat.

By putting more effort into the intensity of the exercise you will end up tired and without some reserves of much-needed glucose.

Experts say that running on the treadmill could burn around 400 calories per hour, which is why it is a great exercise but it can be bad for your legs. However, it might not be the best idea to work out on a treadmill if you are a newbie.

You should choose a treadmill as your cardio machine if you are training for a big race, and/or trying to lose some weight.

Leg Press

The weight-training workout allows you to use your legs to push a weight away from your body. However, you should not force yourself at the beginning and remember to breathe. There are two options available- the horizontal one and the one with the seat reclined.

Before you use it, make sure you know how to do it correctly, with your feet on the footplate and your back resting against the support. This exercise aids you with your fat burning and helps by giving you a proper balance.

Whatever you choose from these machines, make sure you combine it with a proper, healthy diet to help you burn the unwanted fats faster.

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