Top 6 Wellness Trends of 2020 Including CBD and Digital Detoxing

Top 6 Wellness Trends of 2020 Including CBD and Digital Detoxing

Life is becoming increasingly stressful for most people, and this is forcing them to look for solutions that can make it more bearable. To beat the stress emanating from urban life, people are turning to wellness. The solutions range from CBD to eliminating toxins from the body using digital methods. Here are some of the current trends that can help attain good health and lead a happy life.

Wellness centers

For those living in an urban area, wellness centers are becoming a great solution for leading a healthy life. It is easy to find a detox area within your locality online, and most of them offer some great and reliable services that will leave you feeling rejuvenated. Most of these centers help people to manage stress, anxiety, and improve their quality of life. They include yoga clinics, spas, and other forms of meditation studios.

Personalized medicine

Recently, DNA testing has gained massive traction as a way of treating diseases that you might be susceptible to. These diseases include cancer, heart disease, and stroke. Moreover, DNA testing can help identify how a particular ailment is likely to affect you. An appropriate diet that can help intercept such ailments can be adopted.

CBD – Plant medicine

Prescription drugs made from chemicals dominate the world of modern medicine, but alternatives that come from plants are beginning to garner a lot of attention. Cannabidiol, which is commonly known as CBD, is on the frontline of the natural solutions treating anxiety, inflammation, and depression. However, users need to purchase quality CBD products from reputable suppliers such as Berkshire CBD.

Intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting is another trend that is on the rise. Research shows that intermittent fasting comes with a host of health benefits that include a healthy and longer life, combating disease, and aging. It can protect you from inflammation, blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease.


Between work and family schedules, people are sleeping less. Wellness practitioners are advocating for ample sleep for a healthier life. Most importantly, sleep is necessary for efficient physical functioning and human cognition. Some of the best practices include light manipulation, body temperature, and routine.

Digital detoxing and mindful digital wellness

Digital technology interferes with the quality of our health and life. Some of the health issues it causes include anxiety, burnout, and stress. The focus of these solutions is not to completely ditch your phone. It is geared towards using your phone and other devices mindfully and healthily. The objective is to train your mind to use these gadgets more consciously. That said, it is done through training programs, workshops, and apps.

Among all of these alternatives, CBD is the most popular. CBD products are widely used for different health predicaments. Research has backed the effectiveness of CBD in treating diseases such as epilepsy in children. Aside from serious health condition, it is taken to ease pain and anxiety. With a lot of counterfeit CBD products emerging, you can’t afford to buy it from the backstreet.

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