5 Common Misconceptions about CBD Oil

5 Common Misconceptions about CBD Oil

Hemp products are used by the masses for the major health benefits that can be enjoyed. If you smoke the hemp flower as a whole you can enjoy cure from insomnia, anxiety, inflammation, among others. The products can be used in many ways like consumption and application to avail the benefits.

Even with the growing popularity of these products a stigma still prevails in society. This is mainly because of the origin of hemp. The stigma is carried on to the hemp products as well, the most popular among which is the CBD oil.

This article is intended to give you information about which cannabidiol product came out on top and clear the 5 common misconceptions regarding CBD oil.

About hemp

Hemp is the non-psychoactive part of marijuana. It is devoid of any of the THC elements which get a person high. Cannabidiol (CBD) is extracted from hemp and is integrated with products to enjoy the health benefits. One of the popular products is CBD oil.

The oil can be of two types, hemp-derived and marijuana-derived. The reason for this product being the most popular is the whole host of benefits that can be enjoyed by using it.

The Misconceptions

The following are the misconceptions that are usually associated with using CBD oil.

  1. It will get you high: The oil as mentioned before can be derived from hemp or marijuana. The marijuana-derived variant is illegal in most parts of the world. The hemp-derived oil does not contain any of the psychoactive THC elements of marijuana which gets a person high.
  2. It has various side-effects: CBD oil seldom has any side effects on the patient. Even if it does, the most severe of these side-effects include a temporary drop in blood pressure and diarrhea.  But side-effects have been seen rarely.
  3. It acts just like THC: This is not true even though man people use cannabidiol and THC products for the same purpose as curing arthritis. Both these affect the endocannabinoid system differently and then actions in the body are completely different as well. CBD can be more effective and less effective than THC depending on how you use it.
  4. There is no proof of the medical benefits: The FDA has now approved cannabidiol as a drug for treating seizure disorders in children. Many people are using products based on the reception of others. People also use cannabidiol for reason that may or may not be supported by science and enjoy the benefits.
  5. You can feel the improvement in a few hours: THC hits the brain in that way but cannabidiol is relatively slow. Whether you will feel any improvement within a short time depends completely on the reason you use the product. Keep a track of your symptoms before and after use. This way you will be able to witness a steady improvement. 

The oil comes in several forms. Some are edible while the other can be applied to the skin. Some need to be dissolved in your bath. This flexibility of use has made the product popular with the masses.

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