Various Specializations Of Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy also known as physical therapy is a treatment given to person in case of injuries, some diseases or illness, movement disability by doing some manual therapies like exercise, massage and heat treatments instead of using medicines or drugs. It helps in restoring the function, slowing the down the spread of disease and improves quality of life. Persons who is responsible for doing this treatment are called physiotherapists. They get license and trained to examine, diagnose and giving treatment. They work in hospitals and often they go and give the treatment to the out patients also. It includes interaction between physiotherapist and patient, families. Job market related to physiotherapy in Cottesloe has grown rapidly in recent years.

The specialty areas in physiotherapy include:

• Clinical electrophysiology : this is a specialization in electro therapy.

• Cardiovascular therapy: this specialization treats patients who are suffering from cardiopulmonory disorders or who have undergone surgery for heart.

• Neurological : this treats the persons with neurological disorders like Alzheimers, brain injury, parkinson’s disease, spinal cord surgery and stroke. Damages included with vision problems, balancing problem in a body can also be treated with this.

• Orthopedic: it diagnoses, treats disorders regarding muscular systems. This is mainly done to out patients. It gives training in treating the patients after operation, fracture, sprains, strains, sports injuries etc.

• pediatric: This is a specialization in treating, managing, diagnosing infants, children etc. It assists in detecting the health problems in kids before it comes. It treats disorders in kids who is having delay in development etc.

• Women related problems: it addresses issues in women related to post child birth and pre child birth etc. include pelvic pain, urinary problem, osteoporosis etc.

• Sports: sports persons often get ankle sprains, shoulder joint pains, back aches, ankle injuries etc. these are all can be treated with this specialization. Some sports persons will be having personal physiotherapists who will give advices and treatments and they help in keeping the athlete fit and healthy. The practice of a Sports Physio under injury management comes in 5 categories –

Evaluation and diagnosis of the injury

To heal the injury first they seek advice from a specialist and follow the techniques.

Then they proceed to treatment for returning back to the sport again.

Preventing the problems which may occur as a result of after injury treatment.

Giving the information about prevention and managing the injuries to athletes.

They should be having sports specialization certificate to work for professional teams.

All the physiotherapist in Claremont should be registered. This registration can be done only when a person completes degree in physiotherapy or person who does the course in physiotherapy. There are universities which are providing courses to physiotherapists. They give training in sports physiotherapy also. They provide bachelor’s degree and master degree. Sports physiotherapists are much in demand. They work in clinics with orthopedic surgeons and sports physicians. There are so many sports injury centers where these type of specialists will be there to treat sports persons and they can be appointed as a personal physiotherapist to famous sports persons.

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