Taking Care Of The Elderly At Home

We all have seen the issues that families have about taking care of the elderly. Some of the decisions that family members need to make when faced with aging parents or other relatives, is whether they can be taken care of at home or whether they need more specialized care in hospitals or nursing homes or homes for senior citizens. We may all have come across people who decide to take care of someone at home and then their level of care may not match the expectations of the parent or relative and there can be conflict. 

Nursing home versus home care

Most of our homes don’t equal nursing homes in terms of the equipment and patient care facilities that hospitals and nursing homes provide. Most of us may not be able to go out and buy medical trolleys for example and other equipment that would help take care of the elderly with medical needs. Nursing homes would be a much better option if our parents or relatives have any serious health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease or other chronic diseases that require frequent medical treatment and supervision. In this case, it would be much better for our parents or relatives to choose the specialized medical care that a nursing home would provide.

When is home a better option?

For aged parents who are in relatively good health for their age, it would be a good option to save on some medical costs as long as someone is available most of the time who could keep an eye on the parents or relatives. Let’s face it, a nursing home is an institution that has its own rules and regulations and schedules and most of our elderly parents may not appreciate the atmosphere of the nursing home and would prefer to live with their children or grandchildren or other relatives. This would be similar to deciding whether to send our children to boarding schools or whether they can remain at home while schooling. The elderly would also prefer the relaxed atmosphere of living with family when given the choice.

How do you make your home better equipped to handle emergencies?

You may like to ask your family doctor or GP for any medication you should keep stored at home for any medical emergencies. You could also subscribe to an ambulance service and let your aged parents or relative know how to call an ambulance in any emergency. Easy access to a phone or calling bell will help them to ask for help quickly in an emergency. You could also consider buying medical trolleys or other useful medical equipment for an emergency depending on the health condition of the elderly person under your care, which would help in emergencies. Time is of the essence in handling an emergency, so researching and investing in some strategies to handle emergencies could be a life saver.

How do you make a final decision?

Finally, the decision whether you should care for your elderly parents at home or send them to a nursing home is yours and your parents’ or relative’s. If they are in a position to discuss the options with them, then it would be great to do that but finally follow your heart, so that you would be happy whatever decision you make. After all, all you want is what is best for your loved one.

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