Different Home Remedies To Prevent Sleep Apnea

If you are suffering from sleep apnea, there are certain home remedies that might work for you. For such people there are certain changes they need to make in their lifestyles. For instance, avoiding drinking as well as smoking before sleeping are important changes to be made. Again, there are certain throats strengthening exercises that one can do as well as opting for weight loss that will make a difference in alleviating such a condition.

Defining sleep apnea

Those who suffer from sleep apnea will realize the dangers of such a condition. It is a condition that interrupts the normal air flow to the lungs due to nasal blockages due to which one might be deprived of oxygen supply while sleeping. The other dangers lie in cutting off oxygen supply to the brain, which can be damaging to one’s health as well as make it a life threatening condition. For these reasons, one usually resorts to CPAP machines that are prescribed by doctors. 

Dangers of this ailment

Sleep apnea leads to the throat closing up when one is sleeping. This increases several risks to one’s health, including suffering a heart attack. There are certain tell tale signs that one suffers from such a condition such as heavy snoring or one waking up, gasping for air. In such a condition doctors usually prescribe the use of CPAP machines. However, opting for certain lifestyle changes can help to lessen this condition and alleviate the intensity of the condition. 

Staying away from alcohol and smoking

These are two harmful habits that one should stay away from. Sleep apnea is due to the throat closing up and hence, smoking that causes congestion in the air passages needs to be avoided. The cigarette chemicals lead to irritation of the respiratory system. It can lead to production of phlegm which in turn makes it difficult for one to breathe normally, especially when one is sleeping. Alcohol also should be avoided before one goes to bed. As it slows down the functioning of the nervous system and relaxes the muscles, the throat muscles would be prone to closing up more easily during sleep. 

Removal of allergens

The other form of home remedy is to ensure that the home environment is clean and devoid of allergens. There are usually pollens and dust mites that accumulate in our living spaces. Regular dusting of the bed and surrounding areas as well as allowing cross ventilation of rooms is necessary to air out indoor spaces. This also helps to prevent buildup of allergens in indoor spaces that can cause irritation to the air passages and lead to build up of phlegm. The bed linens need to be washed and cleaned after regular intervals of time. One can also use saline water to clear throat and air passages before sleeping.

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