An Unexpected Pregnancy – Do’s And Don’ts

Anyone can become pregnant unexpectedly: if you have been on birth control but somehow it fails and you get pregnant; if you always used protection but somehow that failed too and you become pregnant; if you are a teenager or pre-adult and you become pregnant with no preparation or expectation for it; or if you were generally considered ‘too old’ for a pregnancy but experience a geriatric pregnancy anyway. All of these circumstances (and many more) can be classed as ‘unexpected’ but for the purposes of the do’s and don’ts listed below, it will only consider an unexpected teenage pregnancy. 

Don’t Make a Rash Decision

No matter how unprepared you were, don’t make any rash decisions once you feel you are pregnant. Pregnancy test kits can give false readings so go to a doctor and properly test your urine or blood. Once the pregnancy is confirmed, you have another decision to make and it is not one to take lightly: whether or not you want to carry the baby to term, and whether or not you want to keep the baby. If you want to give birth but don’t want to or cannot keep it, adoption options are always available and can be mediated through adoption agencies or hospitals. If you don’t want to carry the baby to term, abortions are legal in most states up to around 18 weeks.Afterwards, you require an obstetrician’s written approval. It is not a decision to take lightly, so consider it carefully before you make a decision either way.

Seek Medical Attention

No matter how scared you are and how secretive you want to be, a pregnancy requires medical attention. If you cannot afford one on your own, there are support schemes that allow a Westmead public hospital obstetrician to examine you without charging a fee. Even if you have decided to terminate the pregnancy, it is necessary for you to see a doctor to assess your health before you undergo any procedure.

If you’re keeping the baby, medical attention is crucial. Your body may not yet be developed enough physically and you may not be ready mentally for a baby and doctors can help with that by prescribing dietary supplements and introducing counselling and support groups. There could also be problems in the pregnancy so make sure to see a doctor. If you decide to see a public hospital obstetrician you may not have your choice of doctor as they assign you whoever is available, but the important thing is to seek help. See this post if you are looking for right hospital.

Talk To an Adult

Most teenage mothers refuse to initially reveal their pregnancy to their parents for fear of recriminations. While not every family will open a pregnant teenage daughter with open arms, most will learn to accept and love their grandchild regardless.

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