Health Issues That Might Delay Parenthood

Many couples these days struggle with problems when it comes to conceiving naturally and having a family. While many wish to have at least one or more children, they might face a stark reality when their natural means of conceiving do not seem to work. This can indicate a host of health problems that need to be considered and dealt with in order to improve chances of parenthood.

Hormonal imbalances in women

For women who face infrequent menstrual cycles, they will find need to get this resolved before they can expect to conceive naturally. While this might be a common phenomenon among women, it might indicate certain problems in the reproductive system which has to be diagnosed and treated. Several women face cysts in their ovary due to which they face problems in their menstrual cycle. For others, hormonal glands, like the pituitary gland might malfunction or there could be thyroid imbalances which will also affect natural pregnancy. For these reasons, one might have to take up intervention treatments like endometriosis. You can rely on a gynaecologist in Sydney to help rule out the problem and provide solutions. 

Low sperm count in men

Many men have low sperm count, which can hamper normal pregnancy. This is difficult to determine from outside as there might not be any physical signs. However, obesity and low stamina or sexual health can be symptoms of health problems in men and checkup needs to be done. With treatment and appropriate drugs that are prescribed for this condition, endometriosis or any other condition can be treated in men which might hamper the normal process of pregnancy.

Stress and lifestyle habits

The same problems that affect the general health conditions in men and women can deter conception in women as well. Hence, late night work in office or at home, sedentary lifestyle and lack of exercise, eating processed and high fat food items can be some of the underlying factors for poor health in a couple which in turn can deter the normal chances of parenthood for them. If these causes are not addressed in time, sexual health can fail and with advance in age, men and women face more problems in conceiving naturally.

Get help in time

No matter what might be the problem, it is necessary that a couple seeks medical intervention before age catches up and reduces their chances of natural parenthood. The joys of parenthood are unparalleled to all other joys in a marital relationship and the family planning needs to be done at the right time. If there are underlying health problems, getting them addressed will lead to greater chances of a couple conceiving naturally. For assistance there are several treatments that are offered at the fertility clinics these days, which can be sought out through online portals.

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